A sleek Crofton IKEA Kitchen Renovation

CME Corp is proud to showcase our most recent Crofton IKEA Kitchen Renovation project! This sleek and modern kitchen boasts a contemporary design with plenty of space for cooking! As you can see in the gallery below the homeowner wanted to have plenty of countertop space to not only cook but also entertain. It is safe to say that the CME Kitchen Planners not only delivered on this but also supplied the homeowner with plenty of storage space when the kitchen appliances are not in use!

What we are most proud of though is the challenge of bringing in light to this space. Since the kitchen was positioned in a part of the house that did not bring in much natural light, our design staff improvised by hanging beautiful chandeliers that complimented the style of the home, adding recessed lighting where needed, and in certain cabinets creating backlighting to increase the appeal of the space.  By featuring these elements we created a kitchen that is bright, spacious, and fits the homeowners style!

Want to be our next Crofton IKEA Kitchen Renovation?

Head on over the CME Corp’s contact us page where you can get in touch with our kitchen planners! They will travel to your home and listen to how you want to turn your dream into a reality. From there we will design and install the kitchen of your dreams!