IKEA Kitchen Installation Services

CME Corp IKEA Kitchen Installation Services

CME Corp has a team of professional IKEA Kitchen Installers based in Maryland ready to help you. Our IKEA Kitchen installers travel throughout Maryland and Washington D.C. working with clients to turn their dreams into reality!

As a general contractor in Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and Delaware we can also provide electrical and plumbing work, as well as backsplash, flooring, painting, drywall repairs, and other home improvement projects.

CME Corp IKEA Kitchen Installation Services

We are the #1 ranked IKEA Kitchen Installer in Maryland and Washington D.C. with over 10 years of experience and expertise in IKEA Kitchen Cabinetry!

We are a full-service general contractor meaning we can take down walls, do electrical work, take care of your plumbing needs, and more.

We provide a seamless process for your renovation project with in-house Master Plumbers and Electricians – avoiding coordination problems and project delays.

One Project, One Responsible Company

Our IKEA Kitchen Installation Process


Once you have a design and have purchased your IKEA cabinets, our team will get to work on installing your new kitchen. As a general contracting company, we can even remove walls, add new plumbing & lighting, and install new floors in your kitchen!


With the installation complete it is time to enjoy your dream kitchen! All IKEA Kitchen Cabinetry come with a standard warranty of 25 years.

FAQ’s about our IKEA Kitchen Installation Process

Will you install my cabinets

Yes, we will assemble and install your IKEA kitchen cabinets. They all come flat packed, with some individual cabinets having up to 143 individual pieces. We have the expertise to put these together and professionally hang your IKEA kitchen cabinets. 

Can you remove walls?

Yes, and we also have an engineer to help make sure that any walls removed are safely done.

Do you have a contracting license?

Yes, CME is licensed in Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennslyvania, and Delaware. Please contact us for more information.

Who will be my main point of contact?

You will have a project manager as your main point of contact, and also a lead installer on site.

Do IKEA Kitchen Cabinets come with a warranty?

Yes, IKEA kitchens come with a twenty-five-year limited warranty.

How much does a IKEA Kitchen typically cost?

In a typical IKEA kitchen, cabinets can cost anywhere from $3,500 to $10,000. A typical package of four new stainless steel appliances cost $2,500 to $3,000. Quartz countertops depending on the size could range between $2,5000 to $4,0000. Labor is all dependent on the scope of work. It could be anywhere from $5,000 for a simple swap in place up to $20,000 for structural work and total relocation of appliances. We suggest pricing some of the cosmetic items like under cabinet lights and tile backsplash, but removing those if our quote comes in over budget. You can also reuse some of your existing appliances to save. Our typical project is around $18,000 for labor and materials, but we will work with you to try and create a dream kitchen that fits your budget.

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