Navigating the IKEA Kitchen Sale Process

The most wonderful time of the year for homeowners is when IKEA announces its next Kitchen Sale! At CME Corp we have been through this season countless times and have picked up on some helpful tips and tricks that help to reduce stress and maximize value when it comes to the IKEA kitchen sale.

Understanding the IKEA Kitchen Sale Date

The first thing that you must understand is that the IKEA Kitchen Sale date is never set in stone. Each year is different, and each type of sale is different. Don’t even bother trying to ask IKEA employees when the next sale may be, oftentimes they are kept in the dark as well. The only time IKEA mentions their sale is a few days before it is due to start.

How often does IKEA run a sale on kitchens?

In our experience, they typically run three IKEA kitchen sales throughout the year. In the early spring, mid-summer, and late fall/early winter. With that being said sometimes over the course of a year they only have one, or in like the case in a recent year none at all. So when a sale does come around, make sure to jump on it because you may not see another one for some time!

Reduce Stress by planning ahead

One of the worst things you can do is try to plan your kitchen design during the sale. Think about it. You only have few weeks to order everything you need, so that means you need to plan your kitchen, pick your products, and purchase them all within a short time frame. Tough to do when you are planning your dream kitchen! It is always best to meet with an IKEA kitchen installation company prior to the next IKEA kitchen sale. That way you can have your measurements and designs done ahead of time, and enter the IKEA kitchen sale with a worry-free mind!

Don’t worry about fixtures & appliances

A common misconception is that IKEA does not carry or install any lighting fixtures or appliances with their kitchens. This is simply not true! IKEA has a wide arrange of fixtures and appliances that would be perfect for your dream kitchen, and often times they are included in your sale.

Planning for the countertop

The great thing about IKEA kitchens is that you can use any type of countertop you wish. While you can purchase your butcher block, laminate or quartz countertop through IKEA, you can also choose other vendors with additional options including granite and marble. At CME Corp, we help you throughout the countertop planning stage. On Day 1 of your project, our installation team will let you know when your bottom cabinets should be ready for the countertop template. This allows you to call the countertop company right away and get the template scheduled. Once your template is done, it typically takes between 8 to 10 days for your countertop to be produced, delivered and installed by the vendor. So, in actuality, the process of planning for the perfect countertop is relatively easy! 

Schedule your initial design and measurement meeting now

At CME Corp we are a full-service IKEA kitchen installation company. That means we measure, design, and install your IKEA kitchen for you. We also do general GC work meaning that we can remove walls, move electrical, and adjust your plumbing when needed. So we truly are a one stop shop when it comes to installing an IKEA kitchen for you. If you live within Maryland, Washington D.C., or Northern Virginia, make sure to visit our contact us page to schedule your free design and measurement meeting with us!