The Top Kitchen Essentials for 2019 are all about Cookware!

Traditionally your cookware is not used to draw a lot of attention to your home, but that could change in 2019 thanks to trends such as open shelving, and great rooms in your home. Manufacturers like All-Clad, Cuisinart, and Calphalon are cooking up exciting upgrades on traditional kitchen essentials such as pots and pans. Here is what you can expect to have as your Kitchen Essentials for 2019.

Kitchen Essentials for 2019

Striking Colors!

Pots and skillets continue to shed their dark and plain hues in favor of colors that pop! While not exactly a new trend, the rate at which these pots and pans are coming out is certainly changing. Don’t believe us? Just go on Wayfair’s website and select the newly developed tab “Colorful Cookware” and you will find over 1,300 options to choose from!

 Be on the lookout for Copper

Sure cooper has been the choice for many homeowners for hundreds of years, but it is certainly making a fashionable comeback. Williams & Sonoma has even designed marketing campaigns specifically geared to their newly minted copper kitchen line. Need another reason to consider buying copper, just remember, that the material is the real reason you should consider it. Copper retains heat much longer than other metals and works great for sautering, not to mention it is fairly easy to clean!

Personalization in Cookware

Starting in 2019, the personalization of your cookware is becoming more popular! So whether you want pasta or pizza plates, barbecue platters, soup bowls, or noodle bowls you will be able to start picking and choosing your plates!