There are a few in-cabinet amenities that everyone should have in their kitchen to make life a little more user friendly. A few of these staple items are listed below. When renovating your new kitchen, you’ll want to think about incorporating some of these items into your own layout.

In cabinet trash cans leave your kitchen feeling less cluttered. By keeping the trash and recycling inside the cabinets and out of site. We suggest keeping the trash can cabinet as close to the sink as possible. Ideally this would be opposite the dishwasher. That way you can scrap plates, rinse them off in the sink and put the dirty dish in the dishwasher all in the same motion

Cutlery and utensil tray dividers are very useful for not only keeping your silverware organized, but they also allow you to again keep the kitchen feeling less cluttered. By keeping all your utensil, that sometimes we see in cylindrical containers on the counter-tops, stored below you’ll have more counter-top space to use as workspace. These are now organized and inside of a top drawer closest to the range/cooktop.

Roll-out trays are one of the many in cabinet upgrades you can choose to have. These are especially nice in base cabinets where you would normally need to move stored items out of the way to reach other items in the back of the cabinet. They also allow you to access items on roll-out trays without having to crouch down. You can simply slide the roll-out tray forward and view your items from above.

Spice racks are nice for keeping smaller items organized. There are typically two ways to accomplish this. The first is to have a spice rack mounted to the back of a wall cabinet door leaving reduced depth shelves inside. This option means you can readily see the spices on the rack and the shelves since there is nothing stored in front of them. The second option is to have them stored in the top drawer or roll out tray of a base cabinet. This is accomplished by installing a wooden zig-zag tray that allow spices to sit label up.