Find Your Kitchen Inspiration This Fall

If the kids are back in school, and the temperature is dropping outside that means Fall has officially arrived! Here are a few simple ways to add fall decor to your kitchen and home this year. At CME Corp, we enjoy fall decorations because they provide color palettes, and it is much simpler to decorate for versus something like Christmas!

Create a Seasonal Fruit Basket

When trying to spruce up your kitchen for fall, something as easy as a fruit basket can do the trick! Think outside the box and find something fun and seasonal so that you can store your fruit in and brighten up the kitchen with those rich colors. Add a few twigs of berries and you have yourself a quick and easy fall display!

Add a Fall Printable

Pinterest, Etsy, Michaels, and Joann Fabrics all have amazing fall printables that you can decorate your kitchen with! If you are looking on Pinterest or Etsy many of them are free and just need to be printed out! Hang them in high traffic areas, or rest them on the backsplash of your kitchen counter.

Create a Fall Centerpiece 

When gathered around the kitchen table a simple fall centerpiece can really tie the room together. Find a vase and add Fall Colors and Berry Twigs to the mix, and you have a super quick and easy fall decoration!

Handtowels and Wash Cloths 

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your kitchen each season is by swapping out the washcloths and hand towels! Find a couple cute fall linens that will add a pop of color to your refrigerator, oven, or wherever you store them!

Fall Table Runners! 

Whether you take us up on the fall centerpiece or not, a fall table runner is an awesome way to bring color to your kitchen. A table runner, or at the very least your placemats will help tie the entire room together and create the fall look you are looking for!