The Essential Checklist – What to consider in a kitchen remodel

A kitchen in 2018 should reflect your home’s style and personal needs. It should do more than just accommodate your cooking needs, it should provide you with a space to entertain, gather as a family, and even double as the homework area for your children! A lot of factors will go into your kitchen design, so here is a list of what to consider in a kitchen remodel.

The first thing you should do when considering a kitchen remodel, is to reflect on why you are remodeling in the first place. What do you currently not have in your kitchen that is essential in your remodel? Are there any design elements that you currently admire about your kitchen or at the very least the space? By starting to answer these questions you should start to develop a kitchen remodel checklist and start to get a rough estimate on your kitchen budget.


What to Consider in a Kitchen Remodel? Space, Layout, Infrastructure, Lifestyle, and Budget.

The Size of Your Kitchen Remodel: One of the first items you should establish in your kitchen remodel is the square footage the footprint of your new kitchen will take. The size of your kitchen footprint will dictate the layout. Will you have room for a large island for prep space? Where can the storage or pantry go?

Will you acquire new space for your kitchen thanks to knocking down a wall, or extending the kitchen into other rooms of the home?  These are the types of questions you should consider in the very early stages of a kitchen remodel.

Envision the Layout: Know that how your kitchen is currently structured, does not mean it has to stay that way. Envision the layout of your kitchen the way you would ideally want it. In most cases, this is where partnering with a kitchen design expert can come in handy. They can introduce you to new kitchen layouts that you could not have envisioned on your own. Make sure to view a few different layouts, and visualize yourself and family in the space. Some questions you may want to consider are:

– How will you move in the layout?

– Does the workflow accommodate your cooking routine?

– Can you easily move from appliance to appliance?

– Will your kitchen have enough space for more than one person at a time cooking?

Peak behind the walls: Before you start a kitchen renovation make sure that all your wiring and plumbing is up to date. You do not want to knock down a wall and find an unexpected surprise. Working with a licensed general contractor will help you avoid scenarios like this.

What is the lifestyle of the home? Answer the question, how will you use the kitchen? What type of cooking do you want to do in the kitchen? Are you an entertainer, or a heat it and eat it kind of person? By prioritizing your kitchen habits you can start to build the functionality of your kitchen.

Budget: Make sure you decide early on where you want to save and where you would like to splurge on certain items. Set a realistic budget for your kitchen remodel, and make sure that you set an estimated time length too. By completing both items you should have a much better picture of how the kitchen remodel is going to go and whether you should start next month, or maybe next year.