The Powder Room: Why Every Home Should Have One

You may be wondering what is all this attention about a powder room for? What are they, and why should ever home need one? First, a powder room is a smaller, second bathroom usually situated adjacent to your living area and does not have a shower or bath included in the space. The powder room is mainly used for quick visits and touch-ups.

The powder room is mainly used by guests since it gives them the opportunity to a convenient bathroom without trekking through your entire home. So whether good or bad one of the areas in your home guests will remember most is the powder room, so it is important to give it the attention it deserves.

Tips for a Perfect Powder Room

1. Have fun with it! 

Have fun designing your powder room and make sure to go all out for it! You can decorate a powder room by bringing wallpaper into the mix, decorating with statement tapware, luxurious mirrors, and tons of lighting!

2. Add your personal touch 

The powder room should reflect your personal style! Add a potted plant, candle, or scented dish soap to add your style to the bathroom.

3. Stay Alert! 

Your guests will be the ones using this bathroom the most, so make sure to keep clean hand towels and bathroom products in the powder room.